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Rescue Detox ice Review 2018

Rescue Detox Ice Review 2018

Rescue Detox Ice Review 2018

Rescue Detox Ice is a very popular detox drink used by millions to Pass a Drug Test within just a few hours

We tested the Rescue Detox Ice first hand and passed all three drug tests in our testing session. 

Our results led us to believe you can Pass a Drug Test With Rescue Detox Ice if you simply follow the step by step directions provided below without variation. Just as we believe most detox drinks will successfully mask toxins in your body when used properly, the Rescue Detox Ice is no exception. 

Remember Rule One to Using a Detox Drink To Pass a Drug Test

Follow every step with zero variation

How Did We Pass Drug Test With Descue Detox ice?

Quite Simply we followed the step by step directions. If you too follow these instructions, you should Pass your Drug Test with little chance of failure. 

Instructions to Pass a Drug Test Using Rescue Detox Ice

  1. Drink entire bottle of Rescue Detox Ice 
  2. Refill empty bottle of Rescue Detox Ice with water
  3. Drink entire bottle of water 
  4. Repeat step 2
  5. Repeat Step 3
  6. Urinate 3-4 times on your way to drug test facility
  7. Catch sample mid stream (don't let the first 1 second of urine end up in your sterile specimen cup) 
  8. Wait for your results

If you followed the directions above, you should easily pass your drug test. While there is no guarantee due to dozens of other factors that come into play, we believe you have about a 95% chance of passing your drug test using this detox drink. 

We review quite a few detox for drug test drinks and we typically have successful results. This is simply due to the fact that we follow the above directions without any variation each and every time no matter which detox drink we are using. Some manufacturers may include other directions on their packaging. We ignore that and always use the directions we included above and have only found two detox drinks on the market that simply did not work on a consistent bases. We have included a link to purchase Rescue Detox Ice. 


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